Finding My Marbles on Fri 3/10/23

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Blue Smiley demon ok
Truckfighters Mind Control Universe
Momma Bang Bang Bang Bang new, not on shelves
CVC Music Stuff Get Real
Blondshell Olympus Olympus
Pia Fraus How Fast Can You Love - Rerecorded Now You Know It Still Feels The Same
Darksoft Fast Lane Beigeification
Cuffed Up French Exit French Exit
Stove Blank Is The Meat That Fell Out
Tesla Shine Away Bust A Nut
Mild Temperane Reflections Reflections / Wrote 2 U
THUS LOVE Put On Dog Put On Dog
Grant Stone Lovers & Traitors Lovers & Traitors
Slow Pulp Cramps Cramps
Lucie,Too Lucky LUCKY

Finding My Marbles

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