Finding My Marbles on Mon 4/17/23

Artist Title Album New Local
Deerhunter Cover Me Slowly Microcastle
Panchiko Until I Know Until I Know
kolezanka Koszmary Alone with the Sound the Mind Makes
Crawlers That Time Of Year Always That Time of Year Always
Ampacity A Stranger Fills My Eye IV
Spiral XP Free Thinking It's Been a While
Maryze, Super Plage Muse Muse
Remember Sports Calling Out Slow Buzz
Keep Can't You Happy In Here
L'Impératrice, Isaac Delusion Dreaming of You Matahari (French Version)
Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Mr Medicine Land of Sleeper
Petite Amie C'est Pas Moi Petite Amie
The Mysterines On The Run Reeling
Catherine Wheel Kill Rhythm Chrome
Jessica Lea Mayfield Standing In The Sun Make My Head Sing...
Central Heat Exchange, Living Hour Tulips at My Bedside Central Heat Exchange

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