Finding My Marbles on Mon 5/8/23

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Adelaida Efervecencia Animita
Doom Flower Blaze Limestone Ritual
Twen Dignitary Life Drifting Away
Makeout City Drifting Away Drifting Away
Annabelle Chairlegs Candy Apple Red Gotta Be in Love
Double Wish Know It All Light Split Sparkle
Jaded Juice Riders Year 22 Bowl Cut
Allah-Las No Werewolf Worship the Sun
Frankie Rose Sixteen Ways Love As Projection
Starflyer 59 I Drive A Lot The Fashion Focus
Unwound Look a Ghost Leaves Turn Inside You
La Luz I Can't Speak Weirdo Shrine
Sugar Candy Mountain Change 666
Hello Mary Looking Right into the Sun Hello Mary
.com Sometimes Sometimes
Wire Fragile - 2006 Remastered Version Pink Flag (2006 Remastered Version)
Taleen Kali Only Lovers Left Alive Flower of Life new, not on shelves
PLUM Scorpio Moon D.R.I.P

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