Butterfly Economics on Fri 5/12/23

I'm back hehe

Artist Title Album New
Floodlights Human Painting of My Time
The Jins Effigy Effigy (New single)
Greer Way Out Way Out (2021 single)
Moreish Idols Chum Lock Eyes and Collide EP
Bad Waitress Acid Brain Party Bangers: Volume 1 (2018)
Crumb Dust Bunny Dust Bunny (single)
The Plastic Cherries Waking Up Sunshine (2021)
Kevin Atwater star tripping star tripping (2022)
Steve Gunn Dust Filled Room Dust Filled Room (2021)
Goldie Boutilier Cowboy Gangster Politician Cowboy Gangster Politician EP (2022)
Paris Paloma Labour Labour (New single)
Ethel Cain, YAH WAV Knuckle Velvet Golden Age (2019)
Sunken Show Me Your Mind Show Me Your Mind (2021 single)
Maz Maybe Love Maybe Love (2022 single)
Grace Ives Anything 2nd (2019)
Claud Never Meant To Call Never Meant To Call (2018 single)
Indigo De Souza Always All of This Will End
shame Adderall (End of the Line) Food for Worms (2023)
Gramma Same-o Get Down (2021)
Mothé Ignore Me Ignore Me (2021 single)
Horse Jumper of Love I Poured Sugar In Your Shoes Heartbreak Rules (singles album)
Bedlocked See Through Bedlocked (2022)
Naima Bock Lines Lines (2023)
John Roseboro, mei Waters of March Waters of March (New single)
Bebel Gilberto É Preciso Perdoar É Preciso Perdoar (New single)
Sorcha Richardson Archie Smiling Like An Idiot (2022)
Wednesday Quarry Rat Saw God
Kristine Leschper Blue The Opening, Or Closing Of A Door (2022)
Gabriel Paz Among Other Things The No Man Band (New)
Good Morning Out To Pasture Out To Pasture / Misery (2022)

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got some rage to fuel your day, soul searching sad girl folk, and a ~sprinkling~ of shoegaze. hope you dig it :p
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