Finding My Marbles on Mon 5/22/23

Artist Title Album New Local
Leaving Time Rdo II
George Clanton You Lost Me There Slide
Bleary Eyed Mean Bleary Eyed
Honey Gentry Under Taurus Under Taurus
Eaves Wilder Morning Rain Hookey
Sunken Show Me Your Mind Show Me Your Mind
Os Mutantes Quem Tem Medo De Brincar De Amor "A Devina Comédia Ou Ando Meio Desligado"
Grand Public Goutte à goutte Idéal tempo
Barrie Human Nature Happy To Be Here (Ext)
Secret Machines The Answer The Moth, The Lizard, and The Secret Machines
IAN SWEET Hiding Crush Crusher
Beauty Queen This Time Around Out of Touch - EP
Narrow Head Ashtray Satisfaction
Grace Ives Babyyy Really Hot
Tei Shi Bassically Verde
Avalon Deadbeat Boy Deadbeat Boy
The Knife High School Prom The Knife
Ladytron Flicking Your Switch Light & Magic
Yours Are The Only Ears Dreamer We Know The Sky
Mondaze Words Undone Late Bloom
Dead Love Triangle Haunting PA Haunting PA
Cor de Lux Snap out of it Snap out of it
Who Is She? Thursday Thursday
Grocer Downtown Side Downtown Side
Glare Into Me Into You
A Certain Ratio 1982 1982
Life On Venus Around the Sun Encounters
Soul Blind Cyanide Untitled
Pasteboard Starcharts Glitter
Japanese Heart Software Passenger Soft
You'll Never Get to Heaven Shared Dreams Images
Sunbeam Sound Machine Wandering, I Wonderer
The Sewing Club Sport Mode Sport Mode

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