Finding My Marbles on Mon 6/12/23

Artist Title Album New Local
Temples Sultry Air Exotico
Ex:Re I Can't Keep You Ex:Re
Bodywash Sterilizer I Held the Shape While I Could
Ratboys Space Blows Happy Birthday, Ratboy
Title Fight Crescent-Shaped Depression Shed
Tino Drima Angels Her Kind of Man
Teenage Wrist Sunshine Sunshine
Blondshell Salad Blondshell
Queen Rat Off-Season Until It's Not
Narrow Head The Real Moments of Clarity
Slow Crush Glow Aurora
peach tinted Fool's Paradise Cinematic Youth
Temple of Angels Star-Shaped Eyes Foiled
Sarah Kinsley Over + Under The King
Witchcraft If Wishes Were Horses Firewood
Mil-Spec Parade World House
Hum Little Dipper You'd Prefer An Astronaut
Fascinations Grand Chorus Rest of Our Lives (Prelude) Terror in the Night
Modern Color Dread Now, Life is Living You
DILLY DALLY Sorry Ur Mad Heaven
Pearl Earl Damage Control Damage Control
The Beths Watching the Credits Watching the Credits
Bodywash Perfect Blue I Held the Shape While I Could
Güero Scribe Wednesdays
Desmond Doom The Dissociation Song Surf - Goth
Wednesday Got Shocked Rat Saw God

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