Finding My Marbles on Mon 6/19/23

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Common Saints Idol Eyes Idol Eyes
Laveda Surprise A Place You Grew Up In
bar italia my kiss era Tracey Denim
12 RODS My Year (This Is Going To Be) My Year (This Is Going To Be)
PACKS Cheese Crispy Crunchy Nothing
Alaska Reid Back to This She Wonders new, don't think is on shelves
Far Caspian The Last Remaining Light The Last Remaining Light
Heartworms Consistent Dedication A Comforting Notion
Her New Knife douglasland.v1 douglasland.v1
Superheaven Youngest Daughter Jar
Cola Keys Down If You Stay Keys Down If You Stay
Soul Blind Phantom Pool Third Chain
Temples Fading Actor Exotico
levitation room Reasons Why Minds of Our Own
flipturn Churches Citrona
King Krule Seaforth Seaforth
Chelsea Wolfe Spun Hiss Spun
Hannah Judagu Say It Now Aperture
They Are Gutting a Body of Water tagabow (intro) s
PACKS Abalone Crispy Crunchy Nothing
Pearl & The Oysters Fireflies Coast 2 Coast
The Brian Jonestown Massacre It Girl Thank God For Mental Illness
The Twilight Sad Shooting Dennis Hopper Shooting Shooting Dennis Hopper Shooting
Laveda Troy Creeps A Place You Grew Up In
Filter It's Gonna Kill Me Title of Record (Expanded Edition)
Windhand Grey Garden Eternal Return
Palm Touch and Go Nicks and Grazes
Gia Ford A Car Crash For Two A Car Crash For Two

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