Finding My Marbles on Tue 7/4/23

pre-recorded my show (I don't think it played at the right time but I uploaded the show Monday)

Artist Title Album New Local
Raue Karma KARMA!!
Double Grave Heavy Till the Ground
Everything But The Girl Never Could Have Been Worse Everything But The Girl
Mo Lowda & the Humble Restive Mo Lowda & the Humble
Nuclear Daisies Cinnamon Kiss Nuclear Daisies
chinos Road Yer Driving Now TRY ON
Soul Blind Stuck In A Loop Feel It All Around
The Shacks Trip To Japan Trip To Japan
Crisman Cya Crisman
TOPS Dayglow Bimbo Sugar at the Gate
Double Virgo Kicked Out by Seven Eros In The Bunker
winter kind of blue What Kind of Blue Are You?
Karate The Same Stars The Bed Is in The Ocean
The Bilinda Butchers Hai Bby Goodbyes
Synthia So Low So Low
Julia Romana Blood Be Fluid Blood Be Fluid
Temples of Angels Cerise Dream Cerise Dream / Breathless
Narrow Head Bulma Bulma - Single
Elephant Stone The Imajinary, Nameless Everybody In The World Dawn, Day, Dusk
Quarters of Change Dead Into The Rift
Chelsea King hiraeth hiraeth
she's green Lakes Wisteria
The Raveonettes, The Brian Jonestown Massacre Do You Believe Her Do You Believe Her
Double Grave Feelin Dumb Till the Ground
Trembler Triple Vision Trembler
Wombo Backflip Fairy Rust
Moreish Idols Nocturnal Creatures Lock Eyes and Collide
Launder Annie Blue Pink Cloud
Bnny Time Walk Everything

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