Finding My Marbles on Tue 8/8/23

Artist Title Album New Local
Tennis One Night with The Valet Pollen
Transy Warhol Kaleidoscope Control
feeble little horse Sweet Girl with Fish
The Simmers I Wanna Know Strange Feelings
Fox Teeth Floral Patterned Through the Blue
Molly Ringworm Nana Seems
Games Flycatcher Stunt
Unwound Kantina Fake Train
Goth Babe Wasted Time Wasted Time / Sunshine
Bully Days Move Slow Luck For You
Kyoto Lo-Fi Where Is the Destruction Where Is the Destruction
Flizz Pink Tiger Pink Tiger
King Tuff Sun Medallion Was Dead
The Technicolors Hologram Sweat
Lala Lala Destroyer The Lamb
Caroline Rose Jeannie Becomes A Mom LONER
Superfan I Just Wanna I Just Wanna
Dream Wife Honestly Social Lubrication
Cherry Glazerr Juicy Socks Stuffed & Ready
Slow Burning Daydream If You Remember If Magic Weren't the Enemy
Filter Captain Bligh Title of Record (Expanded Edition)
12 RODS Split Personality Split Personalities
Wombo Slab Slab
Drugdealer, Kate Bollinger Pictures of You Hiding in Plain Sight
Ultra Q Saturday My Guardian Angel
No Vacation Estrangers Estrangers
Allah-Las Strange Heat Calico Review
Ty Segall, White Fence I Am Not A Game Hair
Winter mr. on-my-mind What Kind of Blue Are You?
Jordana, TV Girl Better in the Dark Summer's Over
Momma No Bite Household Name

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