Butterfly Economics on Tue 9/12/23

Artist Title Album Label
SPELLING Under the Sun SPELLING & The Mystery School (New)
Philip Brooks, runo plum wait till u get home mountain songs EP (2022)
waveform* Lonely Antarctica (2023)
Lowertown Bucktooth I Love To Lie (2022)
Ultra Q Rocket My Guardian Angel (New)
Headphones Shit Talker Headphones (2005)
Buscabulla, Pachyman Ta Que Tiembla - Pachyman Remix Ta Que Tiembla (Pachyman Remix) (2020 single)
Ray Bull Know By Now Know By Now EP (2023)
Pack Rat Sleepless Bite My Tongue EP (New)
The Linda Lindas Resolution/Revolution Resolution/Revolution (New singles album)
Velvet Fist Sci-Fi Samurai Space Face (New singles album)
Spoilers None Taken There Or Thereabouts (New)
Katy Kirby Cubic Zirconia Cubic Zirconia (New single)
Angel Du$t Racecar Racecar (New singles album
Abby Sage Pool Party Pool Party (2022 single)

Butterfly Economics

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got some rage to fuel your day, soul searching sad girl folk, and a ~sprinkling~ of shoegaze. hope you dig it :p
Folk / alt country
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