Finding My Marbles on Tue 9/12/23

Artist Title Album New Local
Floor Sneech Self-Titled + Outtakes
Annie Taylor Push Me Inner Smile
The Brian Jonestown Massacre Pish Mini Album Thingy Wingy
Being Dead The Great American Picnic When Horses Would Run
Softcult Someone2Me Someone2Me
Cherry Glazerr Soft Like a Flower Soft Like a Flower
MILLY Illuminate Eternal Ring
Bleary Eyed Pennies Triple Split
Far Caspian Arbitrary Task The Last Remaining Light
Failure Smoking Umbrellas Fantastic Planet
ratbag rats in my walls rats in my walls
Love and Rockets Love Me Express
Luminousorange Drop You Vivid Colours Drop You Vivid Colours
Night Beats Hot Ghee Rajan
No Swoon Wait To See Take Your Time
Dead Sullivan Make You Happy Make You Happy
Animals Ghosts You Wake
Lucia Zambetti You'll Be Fine You'll Be Fine
Parkington Sisters I Don't Mind I Don't Mind
Demob Happy Young & Numb Dream Soda
Fountaines D.C. Boys in the Better Land Dogrel
Vacations Next Exit Next Exit
Elephant Gym Witches Dreams
Halloween Cold Self Titled
Harriette at least i'm pretty at least i'm pretty
Candy Claws White Seal (Shell & Spine) Ceres & Calypso in the Deep Time
Title Fight Lefty Floral Green
Night Beats Blue Rajan
Farmer's Wife Swarm Swarm

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