Butterfly Economics on Fri 11/10/23

Artist Title Album New Local
Sufjan Stevens Goodbye Evergreen Javelin
Angel Olsen Chance All Mirrors
Mapache Amazing Swinging Stars
Asimov Tara Todo Lo Que Buscamos Es Desaparecer
Golden Apples Park (Rye) Bananasugarfire
Jane Remover Holding a Leech Census Designated
Mineral A Letter EndSerenading
Teethe Moon All Over Again b/w Moon
Northern Liberties Time Is Mine Liberation Through Hearing
Fiddlehead Loserman Death is Nothing to Us
sowithout nauticalstartattoo nauticalstartattoo
Sipper aadhdjk aadhdjk
Del Water Gap Gemini I Miss You Already + I Haven't Left Yet

Butterfly Economics

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some rage to get you through the day and sad girl folk for the sad folks. a ~sprinkling~ of shoegaze and latin music! hope you dig it :p
Folk / alt country
Shoegaze / bluegrass
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