The Nod on Thu 11/16/23

Serving up a multi-course meal of music mini-flavors as usual... techy house, dreamy lite techno, new trance, swishy breakbeats, and spacious ambient, including great new releases from One Million Eyes, Aiden Francis, Martinou, Jackson Ryland, and Nduja.

Artist Title Album Label
Junes Circuit Rift Galdoors
School Of Thought Rocket Science Natural Music
EdOne ft. Martin Herrs & Santanamusique Morning Flight Bedrock Records
Citizen Maze Race To The Falls Analogue Attic Records
Nthng Oralage Delsin
Sven Väth An Accident In Paradise (Remix) Eye Q
Violet Burn The Elastic sm:)e
Aiden Francis Fusion Gestalt Records
Sven Van Hees Opium Bliss Global Cuts
Planet 6 Invitation To Semjase Visible Records
René Et Gaston Pouah! Pssst Music
Dylan Forbes Mind Expander Haŵs
Connective Zone Mind Expander A13
Jackson Ryland Boosted Peach Discs
Holy Ghost Inc. Falling Into Love House One Holy Ghost Inc.
CoA-A Sp33ch Nduja
Beta Librae Bodhicitta Daystar Incienso
One Million Eyes Sarakiniko Iris A Strangely Isolated Place
Mark Thibideau Install Sub Static Records
Martinou An Inclination Chiral Nous'klaer Audio
As One Meridian Reflections New Electronica
Tetsu Inoue & Carlos Vivanco Electro Dreams Zenith FAX +49-69/450464

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Bringing you a mix of electronic dance, IDM, and spacemusic from the mid-70’s to the present. House, techno, breakbeat, West-coast jams, progressive house, ambient, Berlin-school, piano anthems, chillout staples and much more. A confetti of quizzical beats an’ pieces with noodly bits, topped with soft ambient sprinklings. Get in touch by emailing - reach out on Instagram @scott_not_astronaut
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