Finding My Marbles on Fri 11/17/23

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Holograms ABC City Holograms
Narrow Head Hard to Swallow 12th House Rock
Sweeping Promises Safe Now Hunger for a Way Out
Mali Velasquez Shove Shove
Sleigh Bells SWEET75 Texis
Good Bad Influences Limbo WE ALL DIE AT THE END
Airiel Firefly Winks & Kisses: Melted
Cherry Glazerr Sugar I Don't Want You Anymore
The Sundays Hideous Towns Reading Writing and Arithmetic
Double Grave Country Radio Country Radio new not on shelves
Stef Chura All I Do is Lie Midnight
Sorry In Unison 925
Strange Boutique A Happy Death The Loved One
Wipers Return of the Rat Is This Real?
Slow Pulp Young World Big Day
The Frumpies Intertube Tomorrow Frumpie One Piece

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