The Nod on Thu 12/14/23

Giving you a live flashback on a secret warehouse gig from last weekend, with electro, techno, spacey interludes, and a couple oddball "opening slot" choices. (In the real non-radio world, your erstwhile host is forever an opener, never a headliner.....)

Artist Title Album Label
A Visiting Link Link 1-8 A Visiting Link
Plastikman Elektrix Musik Plus 8
Gez Varley Alone Personal Settings 2 Quatermass
Allison With One Dread (Diode's Metafunk Remix) Running Back Double Copy
West India Company O Je Suis Seul (Orient Express Mix) Editions EG
No Moon 653 Miles Church
Microlith Untitled 77 5 Microlith II Fundamental Records
Disk The Spirit Whiteloops
Rhythm Invention Chronoclasm (Portable Mix) Warp Records
Ebi Hi Space Teddy
The Mod Wheel Spiritcatcher Evolution
Holy Ghost Inc. In The Groove Of The Ghost Holy Ghost Inc.
Legowelt Backwoods Fantasies L.I.E.S.
69 Poi Et Pas Sound On Sound Planet E
Fio Fa You Think (D. Tiffany Remix) Radiant Love
Syrte vs. Visions Of Glosters Satellite Funk Science Cult
Adam Pits & Lisene Skill Shot (No Moon Special Edition) Seven Hill Records
Major Problems Overdose (The Final Trip) Nu Groove Records
Shawn Rudiman Hausalarm Conduit Pittsburgh Tracks
Der Dritte Raum Trommelmaschine Harthouse
Maara Rude Crude & Out Of Control Fancy Feast EP Kalahari Oyster Cult
Syzygy Osiris Omnitude EP Rising High Records
Lazarus Downwards Of Paradise
Clouds T-Mobile Ekstraklasa Black Opal
Swoose Algo Bloom EP Shall Not Fade
Octave One Siege 430 West
Gescom Motor 1 Source Records
Troma & PERS1 Autumn Moon Kaede EP Aquaregia

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