Butterfly Economics on Mon 2/12/24

happy valentines week <333

Artist Title Album Label New
Adrianne Lenker Sadness As A Gift Sadness As A Gift (Single)
Kitchen Homer Dies Four Songs 2022 (2022 EP)
The Flying Stars Of Brooklyn, Aaron Frazer Live On My God Has a Telephone (2017 singles album)
Sleater-Kinney Complex Female Characters (Live) Here and There: B-Sides, Live Tracks, and Demos (2022 compilation album)
Jets To Brazil Chinatown Orange Rhyming Dictionary (1998 album)
The Smile Read The Room Wall Of Eyes
Lowertown Bline Bline (2023 single)
Diva Destruction Run Cold Run Cold (2007 album)
Outrageous Cherry Genevieve Nothing's Gonna Cheer You Up (1997 album)
M.U.T.T. SF is Killing Me SF is Killing Me (Single)

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some rage to get you through the day and sad girl folk for the sad folks. a ~sprinkling~ of shoegaze and latin music! hope you dig it :p
Folk / alt country
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