The Listening Room on Thu 2/15/24

Guest DJ James Bailey. Featuring numerous tracks premiered on Radio Alhara ( Free Palestine and never stop fighting for justice.

Artist Title Album Label Local
Boot & Tax Acido Acido EP Optimo
Zillas On Acid Going Into Trance Back To The Beast 100 Years of Solid Dudes
Monty Luke Crimewave (VERSION) More Work Black Catalogue
Felipe Gordon My Clicking Fuzzed Personality For A Bright And Acid Future Local Talk
Frits Wentink Schrewd (The Organ Grinder Remix) The Roundup Pt. 1 Heist
Tiga Blondes Have More Fun (Gerd Janson Go Acid Dub) Blondes Have More Fun Counter Records
Nate Manic What's Good (U Do U I'll Do Me) (self titled) self-released
Ikebe Shakedown Tjunga (Brennan Green's Disco Acido Stripped) Tjunga Remixes feat. Brennan Green Ubiquity Records
Detroit Swindle Freeqy Polly High Life Heist
Herr Krank Acid Jazz So What? Helios Records
Byron The Aquarius New Beginning (Piano Mix) Ambrosia Axis
Nikki O & thatmanmonkz Sermon Rought, Rugged, Raw Shadeleaf Music
Gaoulé Mizik A Ka Titine (Detroit Swindle Edit)
Marumo Khomo TsakaDeile Kae (Sean Den's 101 Edit)
Moktar North Africa
Checkpoint 303 In 1948
Checkpoint 303 Bahallilak Remix - بهلّلك ريمكس (Rim Banna)
Al Fajer Group Halalalalayya - هلالاليا
Zeinab Shaath The Urgent Call of Palestine
Juliano Mer Khamis in collaboration with Abu Recordings Occupation
Manu Chao Denia
Gavilán Rayna Russom Meditating on the Present
Checkpoint 303 feat. M.Kham le rouge Said Guevara Si-Tar Remix
James Bailey Free Palestine
A Space for Sound x Llamb Mountain Time
Sa'ed Atshan in conversation with Rachel Martin
nthng Spirit of Ecstacy Hypnotherapy Lobster Theremin
Bliss Inc. Offensive Username Radiant Reality Magicwire
Laurence Guy Dissociation In The Car Park At Sainburys Why Do Cowboys Never Die In The East? Mule Musiq
Perdu Morbid Skye EP Heist
Fold Aegean Sea Aegean Sea Aus Music
Gnork Tokyo Breaks Magic Arp Magicwire
Ludwig A.F. Röhrscheid Xenon Velocity EP Exo Recordings International
Interplanetary Criminal 2001 Club Culture Vol. 1 Dansu Discs
Viers Jesus Wept A Moment In The Machine Dream Of Dystopia
Orbital Impact (The Earth Is Burning) Orbital 2 (Brown Album) FFRR
M|O|O|N Hydrogen MOON EP self-released
Roy Of The Ravers Emotinium 2 Late 4 Love Acid Waxa
DJ Boring Exotic Feelin' For Tahn Shall Not Fade
Rings Around Saturn Circling Architecture Circling Architecture EP Voyage Recordings
Francis Harris You Can Always Leave (Curtains) (DJ Sprinkles Remix) You Can Always Leave Scissor and Thread

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