The Nod on Thu 2/29/24

A full 2-hour audio diary mix with special guest selector this week, Eden Alison. Ranging from earthy house and micro-stirrings up to clamorous big-room sounds... keeping it fresh and looking ahead to spring.

Listen to the entire mix on SoundCloud:

Artist Title Album Label
Blank Gloss Weedless Hook (Part One) Pop Ambient 2024 (V/A) Kompakt
The Timewriter Dear Human Being Dear Human Being Plastic City
Tim Green ft. Felicia Douglass Eastbound Silhouette Eastbound Silhouette All Day I Dream
Pippi Ciez Evergreen All Day I Dream
Robert Owens High Hopes Family Groove Records
Dim Kelly Involution All Day I Dream
Ken Ishii Abyssal Plain (Kaito Remix) Blue Arts Music
Draso The Moment Is Forever In Waves
The Timewriter God Is Justice Kingdom Come Plastic City
Double Touch ft. Reigan So Free All Day I Dream
Dim Kelly Glow Nocturna Animal All Day I Dream
Jonathan Kaspar Umfang Kompakt
Gorje Hewek/Lost Desert/Volen Sentir Fluminnese Watergate Records
Luciano The Amazing Lilou (Lee Burridge's Lightning Edit) All Day I Dream
Kollmorgen You Are The (Patrice Blumel Remix) Total 21 (V/A) Kompakt
St. Germain So Flute (Simon Vuarambon Remix) All Day I Dream
Ramiro Drisdale Feel & Move All Day I Dream
Masters At Work The Ha Drop (Kenny Dope Remix) MAW Records
Masters At Work The Ha Drop (Lil' Dope 45 Dub) MAW Records
Stereo Underground The Last Dance We Are Lost (V/A) Lost & Found
Barnt This Is For Decor Only Total 22 (V/A) Kompakt
Øostil & Juan Hansen Drown (Massano Remix) Afterlife
Anyma Chordial Genesys Afterlife
Depeche Mode Ghosts Again (Massano Remix) Columbia
Kevin de Vries & Mau P Metro Afterlife
Taisei Iwasaki/Ludvig Forssell A Million Miles Away (Parts Two & Three) Belle O.S.T. Milan
Blank Gloss Weedless Hook (Part Two) Pop Ambient 2024 (V/A) Kompakt

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