Finding My Marbles on Fri 3/22/24

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Fleshwater Kiss the Ladder We're Not Here to Be Loved
Loathe White Hot White Hot / Saint Cecilia
Disaster Artist Edge of The Blade Beheading the Beast
Team Sleep Ever Since WWI Team Sleep (U.S. Release)
Superheaven Downswing Ours Is Chrome
Thermal Groupie Plaster Girl
The Victory Project Naomi Pour One More
Sleater-Kinney Untidy Creatures Little Rope new, not on shelves
PACKS Honey Melt the Honey
deary Heaven deary
bosses Transcendental Transcendental
Glazyhaze The Other Side Just Fade Away
Palomino Blond Machine Machine
Growing Pains Pretend to Sleep Thought I Heard Your Car
Horse Rider Goldeen Real Melody

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