The Listening Room on Thu 4/4/24

Artist Title Album Label
Colin Stetson The Surface and the Light When We Were That What Wept for the Sea 54Hz
Sean La'Brooy Helipad Merchant Scissor & Thread
Arushi Jain Is It Love? With & Without Ghunghru
user_ambiguous Serene calm and kindness after tea Green Tea & Jasmine self-released
The Lahaar Work Work Work The Lahaar Soundway
OSCOB behold, a pale horse; and he who sat on it had the name Death FOLKLORE Aloe City Wrld
The First Minute Of A New Day Dec 15th The First Minute Of A New Day Séance Centre
Jon Iverson Sands Of Tycho Many Worlds Interpretation Séance Centre
From Tokyo to Honolulu いのちの川 [Inochi no kawa/River of Life] 生まれ変わり [Umarekawari/Reincarnation] Global Pattern
Carlos Niño & Miguel Atwood-Ferguson Part III Chicago Waves International Anthem Recording Company
Magnétophonique The Only Survivor Is Now Alone On The Island Une Cartographie Idéale Not Not Fun Records
Suzanne Ciani The Fifth Wave: Water Lullaby Seven Waves Finnadar Records
Macroblank マイルドな不便さ [Mairudona fuben-sa/Minor Inconvenience] ほろ苦いシンフォニー [Horonigai shinfonī/Bittersweet Symphony] self-released
Blair French Inland Island Sandbar Caviar Claremont 56
Mildlife Automatic Automatic Heavenly
Mildlife Return To Centaurus (Prins Thomas Diskomiks) Return To Centaurus Heavenly
Mudd Bonne Anse In The Garden Of Mindfulness Claremont 56
Manuel Darquart Porno Balearica In The Post EP Planet Trip
Toshio Matsuura Group Do The Astral Plane Loveplaydance Brownswood Recordings
Shpongle ...And The Day Turned To Night Are You Shpongled? Twisted Records

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