The Nod on Thu 4/18/24

A first hour of breezy and cool ambience, followed by a mixtape out of the box from around 2007-08... the Peas Masala mix was made after a jumbly and drowsy all-night sleep party in a Baltimore warehouse space, music mixed and played while sitting cross-legged on a dusty wooden floor amidst the slumbering participants. No full tracklisting exists but almost certainly includes:

- Michael Stearns "Planetary Unfolding"
- Beatsystem "Endlessly Downwards"
- Woob "1194"
- Saul Stokes "Abstraction"
- Anthony Manning "Islets In Pink Polypropylene"
- Panda Bear "Bros"
- William Penn "Reflections In A Crystal Vase"
- Tomorrowland "People Mover"
- Cymphonic "Strataradialis"
- Journeyman "Mama 6"
- Tetsu Inoue "World Receiver"
- Beautumn "Jessa"
- Michael Hoenig "Departure From The Northern Wasteland"

... plus various sound effect and vocal recordings outta the bargain bin.

Artist Title Album Label
Syzygy Morphic Resonance Morphic Resonance Rising High Records
Aerial Service Area Liquid Water Aerial Service Area FAX +49-69/450464
Biosphere Pipistrellis The Hilvarenbeek Recordings Biophon
Seahawks & Woo A Deep Trip Within Celestial Railroads Emotional Response
Electric Birds Temescal Pt. 2 Zealectronic
Omicron Static State The Generation And Motion Of A Pulse Instinct Ambient
Neotropic Regents Park Tumble Weed EP Ntone
Saphileaum Calm Seas There Will Be Light (V/A) Rhythm Büro Records
Datacide Flowerhead Flowerhead Asphodel
Bandhagens Musikförening Elyseiska Fälten Protokoll A Northern Electronics
Elastic Below Def Continent Below Shadows Ahaad
As One Moon Over The Moab (Carl Craig & Urban Tribe Remix) Reflections On Reflections New Electronica
Aris Kindt A Second Type Of Problem Swan & Odette Kingdoms
Ioannis Savvaidis IBM 2870 NSA Trusted Networks Lower Parts
Tangerine Dream A Circulation Of Events Atem Ohr
------- ------- ------- -------
DJ Kel "Peas Masala" mixtape (59:00) ca. 2008

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