Fair Trade Radio on Mon 4/22/24

Artist Title Album New Local
Mannequin Pussy Nothing Like I Got Heaven
Gaadge Mundys Corner Somewhere Down Below
Unwound Demons Sing Love Songs Leaves Turn Inside You
bar italia Missus Mortality Tracey Denim
Mount Kimbie Shipwreck The Sunset Violent
Halloween By Proxy Self Titled
TAGABOW, Greg Mendez, SUN ORGAN krillin krilin
The American Analog Set You Don't Want Me To Arrive, Do You? New Drifters
100% I Got So Small It Gets Darker
Modest Mouse Out Of Gas The Lonesome Crowded West
Rodan Darjeeling Fifteen Quiet Years
A Minor Forest ...But the Pants Stay On Flemish Altruism (Constituant Parts 1993-1996)
U.S. Maple Open A Rose Acre Thrills
The Ladies And Them They Mean Us
Sonic Youth Shadow of a Doubt Evol
Chanel Beads Embarrased Dog Your Day Will Come
Solvent OS Roadkill Bug
tal egg ᆼᆼᆼᆷ music for water lilies
Antonio Zepeda, Eugenio Toussaint Viento De Lluvia Triángulos De Luz Y Espacios De Sombra
Jon Hassell, Farafina Dreamworld (Dance) Flash of the Spirit
Woo Wallpaper It's Cozy Inside
Omit PreSec in/Sec
Arthur Russell The Boy With a Smile Picture of Bunny Rabbit
@ Processional Are You There God? It's Me, @
ʕ•͡ᴥ•ʔ B3 Molto 2 (140825) 1
i will be pretty when i die leaves i will be pretty when i die
Les Filles de Illighadad Achibaba Les Filles de Illighadad
Blake Mills Skeleton Is Walking Jelly Road
Tove Jansson, Mika Pohjola, Muumit Pikku Myyn Iaulu Muumilauluja
Stereolab Rainbo Conversation Dots And Loops

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