Hedgehog’s Dilemma covered by liv on Tue 4/23/24

super spontaneous last minute didn't know was gonna happen cover :D

Artist Title Album New Local
Dijon Big Mike's Absolutely
The Growlers Heehaw Stomp Are You In Or Out?
Trembler Hellisyourface Folding
TTNG If I Sit Still, Maybe I'll Get Out of Here This Town Needs Guns
Jane Remover Backseat Girl Census Designated
And So I Watch You from Afar Mullally The Endless Shimmering
Hikes Granddad Lilt
Theo R Capsize I didn't imagine this!
Mk.gee I Want Two Star & The Dream Polcie
Covet Pelagic Currents
feeble little horse Paces Girl with Fish

Hedgehog’s Dilemma

Tuesday 12-1pm
Monday 9-10pm
Wednesday 12-2pm
Tuesday 12-1pm
Wednesday 2-4pm
Monday 12-2pm
Tuesday 12-2pm
Monday 12-2pm
lots of twinkly jangly guitars!! music 2 make you feel like the ~cool~ misunderstood teenager you thought you were :’)
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