GOOD NOISE covered by leahetc on Fri 5/10/24

mostly songs by my beautiful friends <3

Artist Title Album Label Local
Prill Kiss Kiss
Shallow Alcove Cicero Mills Acting Tough
Grace Gardner Lubbock Recovery Mile new
jess urwiler teen teen new
lily. stacy stacy
Henry Sullivan In Time In Time / Home
Blue Deputy New Jersey New Jersey / I Hate Steven Singer
Mirriam Wilted Wilted
running in circles Sunshine The Message / Sunshine
Hotel Breakfast Wilt Wilt new
Heavy Metal Chess Club Squids - Live at Studio One Live at Studio One new
armbite catsitting catsitting
Forgetting Sarah Marshall Lemons Lemons
Cheap 52 Wish In Twos Wish In Twos


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Friday 4-6pm
Monday 4-6pm
Tuesday 2-4pm
Put some Good Noise in to keep the Bad Noise out!
neo r&b
modern hip-hop
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