Butterfly Economics on Tue 5/14/24

yipeeee another show! sorry I wasn't on last week, hope this playlist makes up for that.

Artist Title Album Label New
The South Hill Experiment Little Monk (feat. Karriem Riggins) Little Monk (feat. Karriem Riggins) (New single)
deep tan diamond horsetrail diamond horsetrail 2022 EP
Enola Gay Sofa Surfing Sofa Surfing 2021 single
Aversions Undecider Undecider 2023 single
Legss The Landlord The Landlord 2023 single
Prewn Sheila Through The Window 2023 album
Mazarine Worn Out Still the Same 2020 EP
SMILE Doohickey Doohickey 2023 single
Been Stellar All in One All in One (New singles album)
BODEGA Dedicated to the Dedicated Our Brand Could Be Yr Life
Ethan Larsh What a Beautiful Bird Into this Kingdom of Heaven
Finnish Postcard Not Even for the Weekend How to Mute Crows 2023 EP
Ducktails Unattainable The Cradle 2023 album
Late Bloomer Hope For Rain Another One Again

Butterfly Economics

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got some rage to fuel your day, soul searching sad girl folk, and a ~sprinkling~ of shoegaze. hope you dig it :p
Folk / alt country
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