Finding My Marbles on Mon 7/1/24

Artist Title Album New Local
Scarlet Demore Lost Dawg Please Stop Loving Me
Mannequin Pussy Softly I Got Heaven
Le Butcherettes Henry Don't Got Love Sin Sin Sin
Glixen foreversoon foreversoon
xela fella string of hearts string of hearts
True Widow Theurgist AVVOLGERE
Lush Kiss Chase Split
Hana Vu 22 Romanticism
Rachel Chinouriri The Hills What A Devastating Turn of Events
Majesty Crush Boyfriend Love 15
Blushing Tamagotchi Sugarcoat
Belle and Sebastian Waiting for the Moon to Rise Fold your Hands Child, You Walk Like a Peasant
The Cry Starting Again Starting Again
Vivienne Eastwood Afterall Home Movies
Sunken Zombie Hometime

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