Finding My Marbles on Mon 7/8/24

Artist Title Album Label New Local
ASkySoBlack See You Scared See You Scared
Palomino Blond Damage Las Nubes / Palomino Blond Split
Bleached Can You Deal? Can You Deal?
Feline Sun in My Eyes Save Your Face
Darling Violetta Electric Elegy Bath Water Flowers
Starcrawler Pet Sematary Pet Sematary
Paint Driving to Sloane's Driving to Sloane's
Girl Friday Eaten Thing Androgynous Mary
baebadoobee Take A Bite Take A Bite
The Inbreds Any Sense of Time Kombinator
Adorable Sunshine Smile Forgotten 90's Alternative
Acid Wave Band New to Me heart2heart
Juniore Méditerranée Méditerranée new not on shelves
Daddy Issues Wild Thing Fuck Marry Kill
Punchlove Screwdriver Channels
la lune Screwdriver Channels

Finding My Marbles

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