Idle Noise on Wed 4/2/14

Background: Okay Temiz: Denizalti Ruzgarlan: Bosporus Bridges: Wide Selection of Turkish Jazz and Funk 1969 - 1978
CPSHO: UV Race: Lego Man

Artist Title Album Label New
Steve Gunn and Mike Gangloff Worry Past Worry Melodies For A Savage Fix Important Records
Horseback Piedmont Apocrypha Piedmont Apocrypha Three Lobed
Marisa Anderson Deep Down The Golden Hour Important Records
Dirty Beaches Dead End Job Fixture Records Sampler.
UV Race Lego Man UV Race and Eddy Current Suppression Ring Live at Missing LInk Missing Link Records
Jack Name Do the Shadow Light Show God?
New Fries Anni Albers They , I
Perfect Pussy Interference Fits Say Yes to Love Captured Tracks
Tsunematsu Masatoshi (phonetically) Ni Ga Shita Hajimari (loose trnsl: beginning was relief Pass No Past P-Vine Records
Ono Black Power Move Diegesis Moniker
Notekillers Clock Wise
New Bums Sometimes You Crash Voices in A Rented Room
Plague Vendor In Down Deep through the Gravel I'll Speak
Bleeding Rainbow Tine & Place Interrupt
Alley Cats Nothing Means Nothing Anymore
Weirdos We Got The Neutron Bomb Dangerhouse Comp
Crime Hot Wire My Heart
Autistic Behavior There is Fault SRA
No Trend For the Fun of it
Flipper The Light, The Sound...
Black Randy & the Metrosquad I slept in an Arcade
Wall of Voodoo The Passanger
Devo Through Being Cool Live Sattle 1981
Savage Republic El Portp
Die Schacht benzin 7" Siltbreeze
Psychic Maps Past is Still Happening Powertool Records
Nixie Searching
Mavo Totally Tired
Seintes Realms You've Hidden
Strapping Field Hands In the Pinneys WKDU Live Volume 1

Idle Noise

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Noisy pop tunes, mellow to firm, according to age, middle-aged or semicurado rich and creamy, some bordering avant garde, with a proliferation of tiny holes, old school punk, intensely nutty with full aroma to sharp, salty, buttery and fruity.
Avant Garde