Roadrunner on Mon 4/10/17


Artist Title Album New Local
Colleen Green I Want to Grow Up TV
Flasher Tense s/t
Sneaks Hair Slick Back It's a Myth
WHY? This Ole King Moh Llean
Big Thief Mythological Beauty Capacity
ONSIND Mildred Mildred, Margie, Annie, Clarice
Tiger Trap Supercrush s/t
Nnamdi Ogonnaya iVyTRA DROOL
Sammus Nighttime (feat. Izzy True) Pieces in Space
Serengeti No Beginner Kenny Dennis III
Halo Benders Don't Touch My Bikini God Don't Make No Junk
Los Campesinos! 5 Fluclolaxacillin Sick Scenes
Cloud Nothings Internal World Life Without Sound
Fleabite What's Up TTYL
Aye Nako Particle Mace Silver Haze
Pile Worms A Hairshirt of Purpose
Tenement Wouldn't Let You Go Bruised Music, Vol. 2
Vacation 4341 Non-Person
Natural Sway Boy Sweet Life
Swanning Sleep My Pretties Drawing Down the Moon
The New Pornographers Play Money Whiteout Conditions
Nana Grizol TV Song Ursa Minor
Alex G Hollow DSU
Bonny Doon Evening All Day Long s/t
Middle Children True Earth Angel
Max Levine Ensemble My Valerian Backlash, Baby
Hiccup Lady MacBeth & Miss Havisham Imaginary Enemies
The Ergs! Saturday Night Crap-o-rama DorKRocKCorKRod
RVIVR Seethin' Joester Sessions
joyride! Earthquake Bodies of Water
Slutever Smother Almost Famous


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