The Politics of Dancing on Mon 3/2/20

Hey all. I'm still high and recovering from Thursday night last at Flash in DC. I had the transcendent experience of seeing one of my favorite DJS of all time, Sasha. He has been a producer and dj for over 30 years, he still brings it no matter where in the globe he goes. The club was tiny, only about 300 people at most upstairs in an unassuming building in Washington. But inside, alchemy... magic.....

Artist Title Album
Sasha Wavy Gravy Refracted Live
Conjure One Tears from the Moon
Terminalhead weekend warriors digweeds remix
mocheeba white label track
summer channel a thousand miles original album mix
hybrid symphony sure is pure remix
dj rap bad girl
way out west spike
electron riders follow me original mix
electron riders follow me starecase remix
alanis so pure hybrid remix
jeez and choose Yim hybrid remix
pob and taylor baba
knives out sugarcoat sasha remix
bedrock emerald filterheadz remix
robert miles adolesence
bt mercury and solace quiver transatlantic remix

The Politics of Dancing

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Dj Roo started at WKDU in 1995 while studying Photography at Drexel. She was a regular until 2008, when she took a leave of absence to get married and raise her family. She spun the morning drive for years and is inspired by dance music greats like BT, Sasha, John Digweed, Danny Howells, Dave Seamen, Nick Warren and Hybrid. Weekly sets are a knitting together of dance music classics, extensive back catalog of b-sides of underground beats and new tunes from today, proving that great music never gets old. Relive the club nights of the 1990s and 2000's. Check out her instagram- @DJROOGIRL
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