Double Hockey Sticks on Tue 10/20/20

Episode 98 - Prognosticator Intervention w Chris Briggs of Briggs Metal Revolution (WVUM 90.5 Miami)

Chris Briggs of @briggs_metalrevolution joins Tom and Tony for 2 hours of extreme metal madness. Expect a healthy does of thrash, black, death, grind and more!!! Episode 98 "Prognosticator Intervention" starts tonight at 6pm on @wkdu !!!

Archived Episode:

Artist Title Album Label New
Sabbat Bowray Samurai Karisma
Polluted Inheritance Memories of Sadness Ecocide
Scabbard Better to Die Beggining of Extinciton
Protector The Mercenary Misanthropy
Kronos Haterealm Colossal Titan Strife
Witch Vomit Doomed in the Realm of the Dead Poisoned Blood
Defecatory Saw em Off Chasm of Perpetual Decay Burning Coffin
Ahret Dev The Damned Hellish Vox Mortis Records
Haemorrhage Megaton-vestige Loathesongs Every Day Hate
Foul Vermisectomy Of Serpents
Ona Snop Melancholic Career split w/ Failure Here and Now Records, No Time Records
Sawzall Commando Supreme Retribution
Scordatura Disease of Mind Mass Failure
Vivisect Extraterrestrial Proliferations Oxalate / Perpetuated / Blood Spore / Vivisect Blood Harvest
Venom Black Metal Black Metal
Sodom Pretenders to the Throne Obsessed by Cruelty
Nasum The Everlasting Shame Helvete
Mortician Bloodcraving From the Casket
Warsore Stop Posing and Kill Somone Horrendous Bloody Experiments/Split w. Nee
Angelcorpse When Abyss Winds Return Iron, Blood, & Blacsphemy
Concrete Winds Sulphuric Upheaval Primitive Force
Meat Spreader Flesh Fly Buffet Split w Achagathus
Incinerated Missing Persons Split w. Intensive Care
Mass Extinction Violent Acts of Liberation Never-Ending Holocaust
Ensepulcher Death and Decay No Sanctity in Death DEMO
Hibernus Mortis Mayhemic Prowl The Existing Realms of Perpetual Sorrow
Absolver Starve Starve Single
Caveman Cult The Bludgeoning War is Destiny
Deviant Burial Posthumous Messiah Proceation Descent to the Darkest Circle EP
Dark Angel Merciless Death (Live) Ultimate Revenge 2
Death Open Casket (Live) Ultimate Revenge 2
Forbidden Chalice of Blood (Live) Ultimate Revenge 2

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