Music for Pseudo-Intellectuals on Mon 11/16/20

Everything is so beautiful but the world is so sad

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Little Wings Laugh Now Magic Wand 2004
Silver Jews Random Rules American Water 1998
Beat Happening What's Important s/t 1985
Seth Bogart Oh Bondage Up Yours! Men on the Verge of Nothing 2020
Wax Chattels Efficiency Clot 2020
Cindy Lee Lucifer Stand What's Tonight To Eternity 2020
Chameleon Church Spring This Year s/t 1968 (fun fact, Chevy Chase was actually in this band!)
Jon Bap Let It Happen Let It Happen 2016
The Budos Band Long In the Tooth Long In the Tooth 2020
Silver Apples Program s/t 1968
Johnnie Frierson Miracles Have You Been Good To Yourself 2016 re-release
Scott Seskind I Remember Sky Girl 2016 compilation
The Soft Boys Insanely Jealous of You Underwater Moonlight 1980
Os Mutantes Panis Et Circenses s/t 1968
SASAMI Turned Out I Was Everyone s/t 2019
Adrianne Lenker anything songs 2020
Chassol Birds, Pt. 1 Big Sun 2015
Karl Blau Dark Sedan Zebra 2009
Alex G Waiting for You DSU 2014
Helena Deland Truth Nugget Someone New 2020
Ekkehard Ehlers Plays John Cassavetes 2 Plays 2002
Deradoorian Sun Find the Sun 2020
Oppenheimer Analysis Subterranean Desire New Mexico 1982
The Sea and Cake Bird and Flag The Fawn 1997
Vashti Bunyan Rose Hip November Just Another Diamond Day 1970
Julia Holter 2HB (orig. Ferry) Maria 2011

Music for Pseudo-Intellectuals

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With rich harmonies and lush arrangements, this is the pop and rock music you listen to when you want to pretend to be smart and cultured
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