Music for Pseudo-Intellectuals on Mon 11/23/20

Artist Title Album Label New
Rama Gu November The Garden 2020
Melody's Echo Chamber Cross My Heart Bon Voyage 2018
The Chocolate Watchband Baby Blue Inner Mystique 1968
Stephen Malkmus Vague Space s/t 2001
Love Apple Man on the Side s/t 2012 re-release
Cate le Bon What's Not Mine Crab Day 2016
Astralblak Out in the Woods Space & Time EP 2020
Violet Eves Listen Over the Ocean Uneven Paths: Deviant Pop From Europe (1980-1991) 2018 compilation
Blonde Redhead In Particular Melody of a Certain Damaged Lemons recorded 2000, 2020 re-release
Laurie Anderson From the Air Big Science 1982
Nailbiter Lxd Brace 2020
Arnold Schoenberg Pierrot Lunaire, Op. 21 Schoenberg: Pierrot Lunaire; Herzgewächse; Ode to Napoleon composed 1912, recorded 1992
Nomo Upside Down Upside Down/ Nocturne - EP 2011
Anjimile Baby No More Giver Taker 2020
Vivien Goldman Launderette Revolutionary (Songs 1979-1982) 2016 compilation
Keith 98.6 98.6/Ain't Gonna Lie 1967
Parenthetical Girls A Song for Ellie Greenwich Entanglements 2008
The Vogues Five O'Clock World Five O'Clock World 1966
Insecure Men Cliff Has Left the Building s/t 2018
Dirty Projectors My Off-white Flag The Glad Fact 2003
Charles Watson Now That I'm a River Now That I'm A River 2018
My Brightest Diamond I Have Never Loved Someone All Things Will Unwind 2011
Bill Callahan Pigeons Gold Record 2020
Sinn Sisamouth Kung Prous Srolanch Wat Phnom: Best of Sinn Sisamouth 2012 compilation
Owen Pallett Keep the Dog Quiet Heartland 2010
Lion You've Got A Woman single 1975
The Tammys Egyptian Shumba single 1964

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With rich harmonies and lush arrangements, this is the pop and rock music you listen to when you want to pretend to be smart and cultured
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