Music for Pseudo-Intellectuals on Mon 12/28/20

this will be our year, took a long time to come

Artist Title Album Label New
Beirut No No No No No No 2015
Sam Prrekop Showrooms s/t 1999
Les Paul / Mary Ford Smoke Rings single 1952
The Shades Tell Me Not to Hurt Louis Wayne Moody High rereleased 2020
Bjork / Dirty Projectors On and Ever Onward Mount WIttenberg Orca 2011
Solex Oh Blimey! Pick Up 1999
The Polyphonic Spree LIthium Wait 2007
Anna Karina Roller Girl Bande Originale De La Comédie Musicale Anna 1967
Au Revoir Simone All or Nothing Still Night, Still Light 2009
Laura Groves Sunset A Private Road 2020
Moondog Theme - Instrumental s/t 1969
Karaoke Mantra Blood, Piss, Religion, Pain 2020
Viagra Boys Creatures single 2020
Luigi Rosolo Intonarumori : ululatole (hooter) Musica Futurisa: The Art of Noises 1909-1935 compilation 2004
Micachu & the Shapes Low Dogg Never 2012
Tirzah Holding On Devotion 2018
Mica Levi Ride Til We Die Ruff Dog 2020
Cindy Lee Speaking From Above What's Tonight to Eternity 2020
Joanne Robertson / Dean Blunt X WAHALLA 2017
Blanket Boys Never Know Lake Hope 2016
Joan Armatrading Woncha Come On Home Show Some Emotion 1977
Jimmy Carter and the Dallas County Green A Night of Love Summer Brings the Sunshine 1977
Tiña It's No Use Positive Mental Health Music 2020
Klô Pelgag La fonte Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs 2020
Robert Wyatt Pigs (In There) EPs 1999
Animal Collective Who Could Win A Rabbit Sung Tongs 2004
Pfarmers The Commune Our Puram 2016
Lambchop The Hustle Unlimited single 2017
The Zombies This Will Be Our Year Odyssey and Oracle 1968

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