Music for Pseudo-Intellectuals on Mon 1/18/21

I find is so funny how UwU is an emoticon, and the sound of it read out/we associate with it perfectly expresses the feeling it represents.


Artist Title Album Label New
Michael Hurley I Paint a Design Wolfways 1994
Tinariwen / Cass McCombs Kel Tinariwen Amadjar 2019
Kalbells 1 2 3 4 5 6 Ten Flowers 2017
Buscabulla El Aprieto Regresa 2020
N0V3L Will To Power Novel 2019
Sparks Sherlock Holmes Angst In My Pants 1982
Antônio Carlos Jobim / Elis Regina Aguas De Março Elis & Tom 1974
Ghost Funk Orchestra Seven Eight single 2019
Jerkcurb Voodoo Saloon Air Con Eden 2017
John Fahey Silgo River Blues Blind Joe Death 1964
Margo Guryan The Hum 27 Demos written in the 70s, released 2001
Field Music Orion From the Street single 2021
Mamalarky Schism Trek s/t 2020
Glen Campbell Guess I'm Dumb single 1965
Teenage Cool Kids Landlocked State Denton After Sunset 2011
Pharoah Sanders Love is Everywhere Wisdom Through Music 1973
BOBBY Sore Spots s/t 2011
Vetiver Fog Emotion The Errant Charm 2011
Bruce Haack / Chris Kachulis Sing The Electronic Record for Children 1969
Bill Callahan / Bonnie "Prince" Billy / Emmet Kelly Lost in Love single 2021
Lewsberg Cold Light of Day In This House 2020
Negative Gemini You Weren't There Anymore Bad Baby 2018
Le Orme Ad Gloriam Ad Gloriam 1969
Sink Tapes Integrated Series Model Like A Snake on Sandpaper (A Collection 2010-2020) 2020
Holger Czukay Cool in the Pool single 1979
Islands Hallways A Sleep and A Forgetting 2012
The Young Rascals Groovin' (Spanish Version) single 1967
Dent May Meet Me in the Garden The Good Feeling Music Of... 2009

Music for Pseudo-Intellectuals

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With rich harmonies and lush arrangements, this is the pop and rock music you listen to when you want to feel smart and cultured, but can’t quite do Beethoven.
Baroque/Chamber Pop