The Politics of Dancing on Tue 3/2/21

Daft Punk, a duo that has been one of the major crossover successes of the past 2 decades has decided to call it quits. While my kids love to dance to anything mommy plays, they loved Around The World and i had to loop it constantly for them. I guess it shows the power of a great track and well written hook!
Todays Show features a lot of yummy late 90's early 2000s tracks from the Hooj Choons label, of all the vinyl I own, I have more from this label than any other, except maybe Bedrock. Although they are now defunct,their tunes were club life in the late 90s with trance progressive bangers that were peak time bliss.
One of my favorite new acts, BICEP, just aired a live set which I am linking you all here, it was a very special ticketed only event but we have the tunes for you to enjoy. I am working on getting them to do a mix for me, but since they are one of the biggest names in EDM at the moment , it may be a a struggle but I will work my WKDU magic!
So glad you are continuing to support the show. Please check out my BLOG , also on WKDU and buy WKDU merchandise and be the envy of your all your friends... (or at least the people in your house!)

Artist Title Album Label New
Age of Love Age of Love(Framewerk mix)
Special Request Arse end of the Moon
Bicep Cazenove
Death Cab for Cutie Northern Lights (BT remix)
Fretwell Forge Bedrock
Blake Jarrell Okoboji (His boy Elroy's Mix)
Matt Fax, Nation of One, BT Walk Into the Water (Toby Pearce Mix)
Banco de Gaia Metropolis(Framewerk mix)
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Heartbreak
Frankey Wah and Sasha It Gets Lonely Without You
Daft Punk Around the World
BT Mercury and Solace
Killahurz West of 27th (peace division mix) Hooj Choons
Trancesetters Roaches (peace division remix) Hooj Choons
Three drive Greece 2000(Original mix) Hooj Choons
Parks and Wilson The Dragon Hooj Choons
Cafe Del Mar Energy 52(Nalin and Kane remix) Hooj Choons
Kc Flight and Funky Function Voice(PMT mix) Hooj Choons
Echo and the Bunneymen Lips Like Sugar( Way Out West Mix)
Lost Tribe Angel (four four remix) Hooj Choons
Daft Punk One More Time
York One the Beach
Meg Myers Running up that Hill

The Politics of Dancing

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Dj Roo started at WKDU in 1995 while studying Photography at Drexel. She was a regular until 2008, when she took a leave of absence to get married and raise her family. She spun the morning drive for years and is inspired by dance music greats like BT, Sasha, John Digweed, Danny Howells, Dave Seamen, Nick Warren and Hybrid. Weekly sets are a knitting together of dance music classics, extensive back catalog of b-sides of underground beats and new tunes from today, proving that great music never gets old. Relive the club nights of the 1990s and 2000's. Check out her instagram- @DJROOGIRL
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