The Politics of Dancing on Tue 3/30/21

Please Pardon the Mixing today.... I had small people screaming in my ears while I was trying to mix, which is worse than the club when you have drunk people screaming in your ears. Both think I am taking requests..... (needless to say, Im not) ... Please forgive me.... Its rough at places that is just embarrassing.
But any person with kids knows the drama...and being a mom dj is a whole different experience than being a dad dj. Kids generally don't bother dads for snacks while dad is spinning....
So excited to play the new Hybrid track Flashpoint!! Tutara on the Remix.. which is just spectacular, gritty and epic all at once. If this is the first release I can't imagine what they have inshore for us, as this album begins its slow roll out into the spring. The full album is due out in July, as per their Instagram.
The track Access, by Dj Misjah and Dj Tim is 26 years old... how can that be since I have not aged a day? This Detroit Techno inspired track by this Swedish duo made the UK Singles chart in 1996! It still gets re released and played today and still blows the top off any venue!
Also worth noting how much I am loving Digweed's Quattro II album , a 4xcd, that spans the beauty of atmospheric, electronic, house and techno.
This is the first week on the Spring term at Drexel, so your favorite djs may have moved around, go ahead and check the schedule.
thanks for the support.
please feel to email me and check me on INSTA- DjRoogirl

Artist Title Album Label
Hybrid Higher than a Skyscraper Morning Sci Fi Distinctive Records
Hybrid Light Up Distinctive Records
Hybrid Enjoy the Silence (White label)
Hybrid FLASHPOINT! (tutara remix) New Album!!! (releases in July) Distinctive Records
Franky Wah Not In Love
Framewerk Sacred Cycles Capital Heaven
Framewerk Spiritual Revolution(Beatless mix) Capital Heaven
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Dawn
Frost Overtones AnujaBeats
Retroid/ Fretwell Vertical Horizon(fretwell)remix)
Gui Boratto Beksys
Digweed/ Muir Stand Still (LopezHouse) Bedrock
Iconic Path Fragile Symmetry
Nine Inch Nails Terrible Lie
Sandra Collins Ode to Our Fragrant
Pako and Fredrick Arnhem Bedrock
Chicane Lost you Somewhere( Heliotropic remix) Xtravaganza
Gyrate Breathe Fragrant
Dj Misjah and dj Tim Access XTrax
kobayashi Release Fluid
WHITE Get itUp (The feeling) (Adam Dived Remix)
Electroliners Everything is Going to The Beat Sm;)e records
Brothers Grim Radiate Sm;)e records
Blue Amazon The Runner Sm;)e records
Underworld pearls girl

The Politics of Dancing

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Dj Roo started at WKDU in 1995 while studying Photography at Drexel. She was a regular until 2008, when she took a leave of absence to get married and raise her family. She spun the morning drive for years and is inspired by dance music greats like BT, Sasha, John Digweed, Danny Howells, Dave Seamen, Nick Warren and Hybrid. Weekly sets are a knitting together of dance music classics, extensive back catalog of b-sides of underground beats and new tunes from today, proving that great music never gets old. Relive the club nights of the 1990s and 2000's. Check out her instagram- @DJROOGIRL
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