Music for Pseudo-Intellectuals on Mon 4/5/21

..rubber ducky :) :) :)
ʳᵘᵇᵇᵉʳ ᵈᵘᶜᵏʸ :)

:) rubber ducky ducky

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Brazilian Girls Good Time New York City 2008
YELLE Ce Jeu s/t 2007
CHAI ACTION single 2021
Little Dragon Klapp Klapp Nabuma Rubberband 2014
Maria Arnal i Marcel Bagés / Kronos Quartet Jaque CLAMOR 2021
Uncanny Valley Mazes of Louisiana Ugashia 2019
Ramleh Product of Fear Hole in the Heart 1987
Stephen Malkmus Church on White s/t 2001
Dreamliners Just Me and You single 1963
Xiu Xiu Suha Knife Play 2002
Xiu Xiu / Chelsea Wolfe One Hundred Years OH NO 2021
Gang Gang Dance Egowar God's Money 2005
Alex G Sum Secret Angeltown II 2015
Tenenbaums When I'm Away When I'm Away in the Light 2019
The Peppermint Trolley Company Baby You Come Rollin' Cross My Mind s/t 1968
Linda Smith I So Liked Spring Sky Girl recorded sometime in 1986-2001, compilation 2016
Yves Jarvis Body of Work single 2021
Ohme Icon Parts 2018
Francis Bebey Pygmy Love Song Pygmy Love Song 1982
Wye Oak Evergreen single 2019
Michael Gira Blind Drainland 1995
Black Country, New Road Science Fair For the first time 2021
Frog Judy Garland Kind of Blah 2015
Jonny Fritz Stone Cold Daddy-O Sweet Creep 2016
Baxter Dury Other Men's Girls It's a Pleasure 2014
Omni Skeleton Key Networker 2019
The Soul Survivors Expressway (To Your Heart) When the Whistle Blows Anything Goes 1967
Butter Hocus Pocus single 2019

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