Music for Pseudo-Intellectuals on Mon 4/19/21

Raise a toast to a past year wasted

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Bachelor Stay In the Car single 2021
Laraaji All of a Sudden Vision Songs, Vol. 1 1984
Sophia Kennedy Being Special s/t 2017
Jens Lekman Wedding in Finistére Life Will See You Now 2017
Stella Donnelly If I Could Cry (It Would Feel Like This) SC25 - Every Light On This Side of the Town 2021
Sam Wilkes / Brian Green / Kyle Crane / Sam Gendel Descending WILKES 2018
Issy Wood Soup The Blame, Pt. 4 2020
Lambchop Give Me Your Love (Love Song) What Another Man Spills 1998
Matthew E. White / Lonnie Holley This Here Jungle of Moderness / Composition 14 Broken Mirror: A Selfie Reflection 2021
Frog You Know I'm Down Count Bateman 2019
The Moldy Peaches Lazy Confessions s/t 2001
Blossom Dearie Try Your Wings Give Him The Ooh-La-La 1958
Spiritualized Shine a Light Lazer Guided Melodies 1992
Bobby and James Purify I'm Your Puppet s/t 1967
Animal Collective Fireworks Strawberry Jam 2007
Alex Izenberg Disraeli Woman Caravan Chateâu 2020
Black Country, New Road Sunglasses For the first time 2021
Vashti Bunyan Where I Like to Stand Just Another Diamond Day 1970
The Sugarcubes Birthday Life's Too Good 1988
The Sha La Das Those Years are Over Love in the Wind 2018
Euphoria Again Realease Lifetime 2021
Robert Palmer Woke Up Laughing Clues 1980
Liquid, Liquid Scraper Optimo 1983
Helvetia Hybrid Moments Gladness (2001-2006) compilation released 2010
Television Days Adventure 1978

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