Sonic Rendezvous on Tue 6/8/21

Featuring a handful of releases from Pop Pop Pop Records:

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Flamin' Groovies Slow Death Oldies but Groovies Aim
The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band Sao Sakit Mae 21st Century Molam Studio Lam
Tricia Holub Hangin on the Block My Songs Pop Pop Pop
Nico Lawns of Dawns The Marble Index Elektra
Myrrias 60/40 All Alone
Marybeth/Trish/Marco Trish the Dish Trish the Dish Pop Pop Pop
Eric Stewart Nitro Nitro​/​Sour Life Pop Pop Pop
Wasnt Wisnt Can You Stand Up? Disassembling Already Dead Tapes
Tricia Holub High in the Sky My Songs Pop Pop Pop
Daniel Celano The Inner Light Dan the Man Pop Pop Pop
The DBs I Feel Good Today Repercussion Albion
Chris Stamey The Summer Sun DIY: Come Out And Play - American Power Pop I (1975-78) Rhino
Sex Tide Golden Fawn Ohio Feeding Tube
Brian Eno Dead Finks Don't Talk Here Come The Warm Jets Island
Home Blitz I'm That Key Foremost and Fair Richie
Kwanjit Sriprajan Sumayrai Sin Kor 5 The First Lady Of Lae Music ZudRangMa
Dave & Ansel Collins ‎ Nuclear Weapon Double Barrell Doctor Bird
Junior Murvin Roots Train Police and Thieves Island
Strapping Fieldhands Hold Me Across the Susquehanna Petty Bunco
Mesh CIA Mind Control Mesh Born Yesterday
Kneeling in Piss What Future Tour de Force Anyway
Preening No Season Dragged Through the Garden ever/never
gSp I'm Supposed to Be Alone girlSperm Thrilling Living
The Bongos Speaking Sands/Burning Bush Drums Along the Hudson pvc
Soonthorn Chairungreuang Toey Disco DIY Disco Molam (Rarities From The Khaen Sang Label) ZudRangMa
Writhing Squares The Library Chart for the Solution Trouble in Mind
Pharoah Sanders with The London Symphony Orchestra and Floating Points Movement 4 Promises Luaka Bop
Sun Ra Arkestra Seductive Fantasy Swirling Strut

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