Music for Pseudo-Intellectuals on Mon 6/14/21

Big show!!! Big Show!!!
The interview I did with Jamie Stewart of Xiu Xiu premiered!!!
And my sister was in town and co-hosted with me on air!!! Scattered in the show are some of the tracks we had on our shared iTunes account circa 2010!!!

Artist Title Album Label New
Xiu Xiu / me i guess?? idk how to fill this out for this lol Xiu Xiu interview!!! I'll post the link when it's uploaded online! 2021
Kate Bush Why Should I Love You? The Red Shoes 1993
Flock of Dimes Price of Blue Head of Roses 2021
ShitKid dark feelings Sort Stjerne! 2021
Johnnie Frierson Have You Been Good To Yourself Have You Been Good To Yourself recorded in the 80's (???), 2010 reissue
Natalie Bergman Shine Your Light On Me Mercy 2021
Anthony Moore Stitch in Time Out 2020
Beach House Real Love Teen Dream 2010
Laurie Anderson From the Air Big Science 1982
Metronomy The Bay The English Riviera released 2011, 10 year anniversary reissue 2021
Sliimy Wake Up single 2009
Little Jackie The World Should Revolve Around Me The Stoop 2008
Brazilian Girls Good Time New York City 2008
Grandchildren Sunrise Golden Age 2013
Iceage Love Kills Slowly Seek Shelter 2021
Throbbing Gristle I.B.M. D. o. A. The Third and Final Report Of Throbbing Gristle 1978
Micachu Guts Jewellery 2009
Camera Obscura French Navy My Maudlin Career 2009
Buzzy Lee / Julia Holter Strange Town - Julia Holter Edit single 2021
Michael Farneti The River Good Morning Kisses 1976

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