Music for Pseudo-Intellectuals on Mon 6/21/21

a warm warm day, out basking in the sun

Artist Title Album Label New Local
ShitKid runt på straden Sort Stjerne! 2021
Bill Callahan Sycamore Woke on a Whaleheart 2007
Pinback Tripoli s/t 1999
Melanie Ring the Living Bell Gather Me 1971
Richard Hawley Precious Sight Late Night Final 2001
Hop Along Prior Things Bark Your Head Off, Dog 2018
Natalie Bergman He Will Lift You Up Higher Mercy 2021
Battles Fort Greene Park Juice B Crypts 2019
Jerry Paper Puppeteer Abracadabra 2020
Metronomy The Bay The English Riviera released 2011, 10 year anniversary reissue 2021
Caetano Veloso The Empty Boat Caetano Veloso -1969 1969
Joanna Newsom Peach Plum Pear The Milk-Eyed Mender 2005
Vashti Bunyan Diamond Day Just Another Diamond Day 1970
Dean Blunt WOOSAH BLACK METAL 2 2021
The Invaders I Was a Fool Louis Wayne Moody High released 1966, compilation 2020
Girl Ray Don't Go Back at Ten Earl Grey 2017
Mesh Company Jeep s/t 2021
Iceage The Holding Hand Seek Shelter 2021
The King's English You Couldn't See Garage Rock Stompers released 1967, compilation 2020
The Lounge Lizards For the First and Royal Queen Queen of All Ears 1998
The Association Never My Love Insight Out 1967
Silver Jews Random Rules American Water 1998
Okay Kaya Still the One single 2020
13th Floor Elevators (It's All Over Now) Baby Blue Easter Everywhere 1967
Xiu Xiu Apistat Commander A Promise 2003
Au Rivoir Simone All or Nothing Still Night, Still Light 2009
Cindy Lee One Second to Toe the Line Whats Tonight to Eternity 2020
Teenage Fanclub Is This Music Bandwagonesque 1991

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