Music for Pseudo-Intellectuals on Mon 7/19/21

Stay right where you are, this is a hold up! >:(

Artist Title Album Label New
Amen Dunes Miki Dora Freedom 2018
Lion You've Got A Woman single 1975
Natalie Berg / Beck You've Got A Woman single 2021
Delroy Edwards I Love Sloan Hangin' At the Beach 2016
Pavement The Killing Moon - BBC Evening Session January 15, 1997 Brighten the Corners: Nicene Creedence Ed. recorded 1997, released 2008
The Kinks Waterloo Sunset Something Else 1967
Tindersticks Show Me Everything The Something Rain 2012
Colleen Implosion-Explosion The Tunnel and the Clearing 2021
Anna Meredith BPM 144 Bumps Per Minute (18 Studies for Dodgems) 2021
The Raincoats No One's Little Girl Moving 1984
Dry Cleaning Viking Hair Boundary Road Snacks and Drinks 2019
Nagisa Ni Te On The Beach On the Love Beach 2002
Xiu Xiu Luber Knife Play 2002
Julee Cruise Floating Floating Into the Night 1989
Joanna Newsom Sadie Milk Eyed Mender 2005
The High Llamas Fly Baby, Fly Talahomi Way 2011
Le Volume Courbe Rusty I Wish Dee Dee Ramone Was Here with Me 2015
The Moldy Peaches Lazy Confessions s/t 2001
Pinc Louds Atómica La Atómica 2021
Orange Juice Blue Boy The Glasgow School released 1988, compilation 2005
Novos Baianos A Menina Dança Acabou Chorare 1972
Black Midi Hogwash and Balderdash Cavalcade 2021
Owen Pallett Scandal at the parkade A Swedish Love Story 2010
Fennesz The Point of it All Venice 2004
Kings of Convenience / Fiest Love Is A Lonely Thing Peace Or Love 2021
Judee Sill The Lamb Ran Away With the Crown s/t 1971

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