Music for Pseudo-Intellectuals on Mon 8/23/21

love times 10,000

Artist Title Album Label New Local
The Replacements Left of the Dial Tim 1985
The DeFranco Family Heartbeat It's a Love Beat Heartbeat It's a Love Beat 1973
Jessica Pratt Bushel Hyde s/t 2011
Viagra Boys To the Country Wellfare Jazz 2020
The Units High Pressure Days single 1980
Mega Bog Weight of the Earth, on Paper Life, and Another 2021
John Carol Kirby P64 By My Side Septet 2020
Lucinda Chua Semitones Antidotes 1 2019
Helvetia Jumper Essential Aliens 2021
Xiu Xiu I Luv the Valley OH! Fabulous Muscles 2004
Le Loup Le Loup (Fear Not) The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations' Millennium General Assembly 2007
Black Country, New Road Instrumental For the first time 2021
Anika Naysayer Change 2021
Garret Davis Story from North America 2009
Gary Lewis & the Playboys This Diamond Ring single 1965
Prefab Sprout Cue Fanfare Swoon 1984
Steve Reich Electric Counterpoint: III. Fast Steve Reich: Electric Counterpoint composed in 80's, 2012 recording
The Troggs Cousin Jane Late Night Tales - Air released 1966, compilation 2006
Holy Ghost! Heaven Knows What Work 2019
Delta 5 Colour single 1980
Lesbians on Ecstacy Revolt s/t 2004
JOBS Brian endless birthdays 2021
Ed Askew Blue Eyed Baby For the World 2013
Frog Bones Whatever We Probably Already Had It 2018
Daniel Johnston Some Things Last A Long Time 1990 1990
Strapping Fieldhands He's a Chart Topper! Across the Susquehanna 2021
Vanishing Twin Phase One Million single 2021
The Books There Is No There The Lemon of Pink 2003

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