Double Hockey Sticks on Tue 9/21/21

Episode 134 "Ordeal of Fire"

Artist Title Album New Local
Eruction Consider to Die Demo 1992
The Temple Hell Incarnate The Temple (2021)
Embodyment Dismembering Death Corrosion of Flesh
Incinerator Carbonized Jesus Corpse Carbonized Jesus Corpse
Driltusk Misanthropic Entertainment Demo 2021
Scorpion Mouth Blood Human Husk (2021)
Concrete Caveman Life's A Joy Demo 2020
Durry Tickin Up a Storm Durry/Dog Split
Agamenon Project They Myth Split W Noise Machine (2021)
Pharmacist Essential Cultivation Feeling Young Split w/Fluids (2021)
Exhumed Infester Slaughtercult
Occulsed Tendon Pandentum Crepitation of Phlegathon
Bolt Thrower Challenge for Power In Battle There is No Law
Detestation Spewing Bowels Massacre of Hate
Vomit Spell Necrotronic Vomit Spell (2021)
Eruptive Koimeterion Koimeterion (2021)
Roadside Burial Gonna Kill em All Blood Binge (2006)
Bone Fetish Cuts Buried (2021)
Maggot Crown Parasitic Remnant Suffering to the Conquered (2019)
Yattering Chase of Thoughts Human's Pain (1998)
Funereal Embracing Of Sorrows The Misery Season (2000)
Cerebral Rot Reeking Septic Mass Odious Descent Into Decay
HUORIPUKKI Voima on Oikeutta Ikuinen Kamppailu (2021)
Slaveknight Severed Hand, Broken Sword Save Your Servant (2020)
Moon Witch Vampyre Araknid
Death Epiphany Existence Perversion Traversing Blood Mist
Deadyellow Deluge Deadyellow
Flesh of Tituba Rot Flesh Of Tituba‚Äč/‚ÄčIsataii Split
Songe D' Enfer Et Vidit Quod Esset Bonum... (Sublime Blasphemy) My Visions in the Forest

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