Music for Pseudo-Intellectuals on Tue 10/5/21

drift me out, drag me down

Also I'm so happy it's starting to feel like Fall finally :)

Also also, wound up picking out a bunch of short songs for today, so this playlist is super long lol

Artist Title Album Label New
French Vanilla Evolution s/t 2017
Feist My Moon My Man The Reminder 2007
Xiu Xiu Stupid in the Dark Angel Guts: Red Classroom 2014
The Books A True Story of a Story of True Love The Lemon of Pink 2003
Beulah Silverado Days When Your Heartstrings Break 1999
Spelling Little Dear The Turning Wheel 2021
Shitkid Sugar Town Fish 2017
Nancy Sinatra Sugar Town Sugar 1967
Shannon & the Clams I Need You Bad Year of the Spider 2021
Ian William Craig Before Morning Comes A Turn of Breath - Extended 2018
The Soundcarriers Let it Ride Harmonium 2009
Clothilde Qualcosa che non va single 1967
Grauzone Eisbär single 1981
Cured Pink The New Public Current Climate 2021
Dirty Projectors My Offwhite Flag The Glad Fact 2003
Tsegue-Maryam Guebrou Homesickness, Pt. 2 Ethiopiques, vol. 21: Emahoy (Piano Solo) recorded 1996, compilation 2005
Normal Brain M-U-S-I-C Lady Maid 1981
Devo (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! 1978
Shannon Lay Past Time August 2019
Felt My Face Is On Fire Pillows & Prayers: Cherry Red Records 1981-1984 released 1982, compilation 2007
Own Pallett I Am Not Afraid In Conflict 2014
Sufjan Stevens / Angelo De Augustine It's Your Own Body and Mind A Beginner's Mind 2021
Salami Rose Joe Louis Nostalgic Montage Zdenka 2080 2019
Aerial M Dazed and Awake s/t 1997
Radiant Baby Réputation Pantomime 2021
Teenage Jesus & The Jerks The Closet ZEtrospective 1: Dancing in the Face of Adversity recorded 1978, compilation 2005
Devandra Banhart Fancy Ape in Pink Marble 2016
Slime Ring SLM_RNG_01 (Hi Definition) SLM_RNG_EP 2021
The Good Ones Where Did You Go Wrong, My Love RWANDA, You Should Be Loved 2019
Berry Sound Sun Vault of Light 2021
Lightman Jarvis Ecstatic Band Olamim Banned 2021
Rubblebucket Fruity Sun Machine 2018
Emperor X Sig Alert Western Teleport 2011
Emperor X Canada Day Western Teleport 2011

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