Music for Pseudo-Intellectuals on Tue 11/30/21

I love trains :)

Link to that synthy-jazzy-folky song I'm obsessed with pls spread the word, Olivetta by 80's German act Luna Set:

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Air Alone in Kyoto Talkie Walkie 2004
The Replacements Unsatisified Let It Be 1984
Suicide Dream Baby Dream single 1979
Smog Ex-Con Red Apple Falls 1997
Empath Diamond Eyelids single 2021
Fat White Family Kim's Sunsets Serfs Up! 2019
James Ray I've Got My Mind Set On You s/t 1961
Luna Set Olivetta Comedie 1980
Sufjan Stevens / Angelo de Augustine Back to Oz A Beginner's Mind 2021
Wolf Parade I'll Believe in Anything Apologies to the Queen Mary 2005
The Dodos Annie Grizzly Peak 2021
Marcos Valle Pepino Beach Samba '68 1968
Taeko Onuki Les Adventures de TINTIN Copine 1985
Tangerine Dream Love on a Real Train Risky Buisiness OST 1984
Los Prisioneros Tren Al Sur Corazones 1990
Feist / Ben Gibbard Train Song Dark Was the Night 2009
Emperor X Right to the Rails Central Hug / Friendarmy / Fractaldunes (And the Dreams that Resulted) 2005
Kills Birds Glisten Married 2021
Low Quorum Double Negative 2018
Grizzly Bear / Feist Service Bell Dark Was the Night 2009
Hater The Mornings Siesta 2019
Makthaverskan (-) För Allting 2021
Sigur Ros Brennisteinn Kveikur 2013
Joan as Police Woman / Tony Allen / Dave Okumu Take Me to Your Leader The Solution is Restless 2021
Ten in the Swear Jar When You Write Accordion Solo! 2005
Johnny Western Cowpoke Have Gun Will Travel 1962
Frog Touch Count Bateman 2019
Sparks Sherlock Holmes Angst in My Pants 1982
Buzzcocks Everybody's Happy Nowadays Singles Going Steady 1979

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