Music for Pseudo-Intellectuals on Tue 1/11/22

cozy up and eat some soup, it's cold out

Artist Title Album Label New
Broken Social Scene Stay Happy Hug of Thunder 2017
Bully Just For Love single 2021
Hunx & His Punx Keep Away From Johnny Too Young to Be In Love 2011
Anna Domino Everyday, I Don't East and West 1984
The Lovin' Spoonfull Didn't Want to Have to Do It Daydream 1966
Beach House Superstar Once Twice Melody 2021
Phillip Glass Floe Glassworks 1982
Lisztomania Roger Neill / The Hollywood Symphony Mozart in the Jungle Soundtrack 2016
Solex Oh Blimey! Pick Up 1999
Nick Lowe 36 Inches High Jesus of Cool 1978
Fairmont Tomorrow's Sun A Restrospective 2011-2021 uhhhh sometime between 2011 and 2021
Pink Industry Don't Let Go - 12" Version single 1987
The Brian Jonestown Massacre [David Bowie I Love You] Since I Was Six Take It From the Man 2008
Xiu Xiu Suha Knife Play 2002
Orange Juice Blue Boy The Glasgow School released 1980, compilation 2005
The Zombies Friends of Mine Odyssey and Oracle 1968
Sweeping Promises Pain Without a Touch single 2021
Dirty Projectors Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie Rise Above 2007
The Human Expression Optical Sound Love At Psychadelic Velocity released 1967, compilation 1994
Jeffery Lewis The Last Time I Did Acid I Went Insane The Last Time I Did Acid I Went Insane and other favorites 2002
The Langely School Music Project God Only Knows Innocence and Despair recorded 1977/1978, reissued 2001
Kidi Band Mary (Merry) So Good 2021
Tune-Yards Wait For A Minute Nikki Nack 2014
Issy Wood Soup The Blame, Pt. 4 2020
Graves Alan W. Easy Not Easy 2006
The Free Design If I Were A Carpenter Heaven/earth 1969
Penelope Isles Terrified Which Way to Happy 2021
Melanie Brand New Key Gather Me 1971
Caetano Veloso O LeĆ£ozinho Caetanear 1985
The Zombies I Want Her She Wants Me Odessey and Oracle 1968
Syrinx Hollywood Dream Trip s/t 1970

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