Fair Trade Radio on Mon 2/21/22

Artist Title Album New Local
Stereolab Cybele's Reverie Emperor Tomato Ketchup
Erasers Constant Connection Constant Connection
Sam Gendel Sustain Sustain
Pat Metheny Midwestern Nights Dream Bright Size Life
Flanafi, Ape School Family, Friends The Knees Start to Go
Dana Gavansky Indego Highway Indego Highway
Yung Sham Dreams Impromtou Fantasies
Daniel Johnston Speeding Motorcycle Yip Jump Music
Fievel is Glauque Simple Affairs God's Trashmen Sent to Right the Mess
P.H.F. Glue I Hate Myself
Fishmans Nightcruising Kuchu Camp/Aerial Camp
Bonnie Prince Billie Rubin and Cherise Day of the Dead
caroline Good morning (red) Good Morning (red)
Big Thief Change Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You
Sam Silbert Rick Down On Silverlake
MJ Lenderman TV Dinners Knockin'
Deadharrie Dugout Gutspiller
ylayali Coin Pocket Caterpillar Graveyard
A Country Western Birdfeeder Birdfeeder
Red House Painters Grace Cathedral Park Red House Painters I
Eric's Trip Stove Love Tara
Broadcast Black Cat Tender Buttons
Deux Fam Fam Golden Dreams
Grauzone Raum Grauzone
Arthur Russell Place I Know/Kid Like You World of Echo

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