Music for Pseudo-Intellectuals on Mon 4/11/22

Still crumbling despite 12 hours of sleep
Featuring Jack on his first sit in!!!!

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Kalbells Cool and Bendable single 2020
The Primatives The Ostrich single 1964
The Only Ones The Whole of the Law s/t 1978
Road to the West Seatbelts COWBOY BEBOP (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 3 - Blue) 1999
Silver Jews How to Rent a Room The Natural Bridge 1996
Don Telling's Island Mysteries Quiet Village s/t 2018
Don Telling's Island Mysteries Sukiyaki s/t 2018
Empath Genius of Evil Visitor 2022
Barbara Mason Trouble Child Yes, I'm Ready 1965
Christian Camero Appalachian Fiction Appalachian Fiction 2020
Kathy Brandon A Boy to Love Me single 1963
Perrey and Kingsley Computer in Love The In Sound from Way Out! - Electronic Pop Music of the Future 1966
Patrick Cowley The Runner Afternooners 1982
Dirty Projectors See What She's Seeing Swing Lo Magellan 2012
Big Thief Simulation Swarm Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe in You 2022
Joe Tossini Lady of Mine Lady of Mine 1989
Sam Prekop Showrooms s/t 1999
Àbáse / Luciane Dom Exu - Intro Laroyê 2021
The Duprees Love Eyes single 1963
Bratmobile Cool Schmool Pottymouth 1993
The Chills Pink Frost Kaleidoscope World 1986
THICK Puke's Diner It's Always Something 2016
Night Palace Into the Wake, Mystified Diving Rings 2022
Pavement Shady Lane Brighten the Corners 1997
Hot Chocolate (U.S.) We Had True Love s/t 1971
Helvetia For Sam Dishes Are Never Done but Good Luck 2022
Flasher Sideways single 2022
The Serendipity Singers Love Is A State of Mind Love Is A State of Mind 1967
Diane Cluck Reveller Monarcana 2006
Arthur Russell Get Around To It Calling Out Of Context compilation 2004
Scott Fagan In My Head South Atlantic Blues 1968
The Magnetic Fields The Flowers She Sent and the Flowers She Said She Sent Holiday 1994
Clara Rockmore Rachmaninoff: Vocalise Theremin 1977

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